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America's Fifty States Gold-Plated Ingots
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America's Fifty States Gold-Plated Ingots

America the Beautiful revealed in 50 distinctive images“From Sea to Shining Sea” encompasses the hopes and promise of the greatest nation in the world. It also defines one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Indeed, our 50 states are remarkable for their rich array of natural and man-made landmarks that inspire and honor man’s noblest ideas and ideals. Now, you can experience this great nation at a glance in a magnificent collection of museum-quality, 18kt gold-plated ingots featuring a defining work of art for each state.

The ingots in this superb collection will be coveted for the handsome images that symbolize the glorious diversity of our nation. They’ll also be treasured for the glistening 18kt gold finish that elegantly accentuates each ingot’s artwork. Minted to the highest proof-quality standards, they are struck from meticulously crafted dies so that the details stand out in dramatic raised relief against a shimmering mirror-like finish. The front of each ingot features a landmark or scene from a different state. The reverse features important facts such as the state’s date of entry into the Union, its nickname and motto — all struck upon the gleaming gold surface.

Ensuring that no two collections are exactly alike, every ingot you receive will be edgemarked with your unique personal serial number. To preserve its beauty, each is encapsulated for complete protection from dust, wear or fingerprints. To display your entire collection, a deluxe wooden Display Chest is provided at no additional charge. The two-tiered, custom-designed chest comes complete with a dramatic black velveteen interior and golden title plaque. An informative booklet with fascinating narrative on each state is also included.

America’s Fifty States Gold-Plated Ingots is available now from PCS Stamps & Coins. You can acquire this impressive collection for just $19.95 (plus $1.95 shipping and service) per ingot. Your ingots will be shipped at the rate of two every four weeks, in the order that the states actually joined the Union. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. If not happy with your first set of ingots, you may return them within 30 days for replacement or refund. And you may cancel the subscription at any time. To acquire this stunning collection, don’t delay. Order today!
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$19.95 (plus $1.95 S&S) per ingot
$43.80 per shipment

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