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Platinum & Gold-Highlighted Sacagawea Dollars


When the first coin in the Sacagawea Dollar program was released to an eager public in January 2000, expectations were high. After all, this would be the first time in U.S. history that a coin series would be dedicated to the important contributions of individual Native Americans and tribes throughout the history of the United States. What could be a more fitting tribute than to enrich these Sacagawea Dollars with the purest grades of the world’s two most precious metals?

Platinum: so scarce, ten tons of ore will yield just a single ounce of finished platinum.
Gold: so valuable, it paved King Tut’s path to eternity with its jewel-like beauty.

Few Americans have ever seen Sacagawea Dollars up close. Since 2002, these tributes to the famed Shoshone interpreter have been minted in extremely small quantities, for collectors only. In 2008, minting of original-design Sacagawea Dollars ended forever. Beginning in 2009, a new reverse design was introduced each year and then permanently retired — never to be minted again. This is a rare opportunity to acquire Sacagawea Dollars from every year of issue, from both issuing mints — each exquisitely enhanced with precious platinum and gleaming gold — plus a handsome Display Chest at no extra cost.

You can be guaranteed to receive two platinum and gold enhanced coins from every year — one each from the Philadelphia and the Denver Mint. Your first shipment will contain one coin, while your second will arrive a month later and contain two coins. Subsequent shipments will contain two coins and be sent every other month.

$19.95 (plus $1.50 S&S) per coin
$21.45 for initial shipment
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