First and Last Carson City Mint Morgan Silver Dollars

First and Last Carson City Mint Morgan Silver Dollars

Two scarce 19th-century silver dollars from the “Wild West” Carson City Mint.

The Carson City Mint was established at the peak of the Silver Rush, about 20 miles away from the Comstock Lode. But only a tiny fraction of all Morgan Dollars were minted there. Carson City produced Morgans for a total of only 13 years, and for most years at quantities far lower than the other U.S. Mints producing them.

Their scarcity, unusual double mint mark and alluring ties to the Old West make “CC” Morgans highly coveted. This collection from PCS Stamps & Coins contains two rarely seen coins, both more than 120 years old.
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The coins you receive will:

• Contain more than three-quarters of an ounce of silver from the famed Comstock Lode in each coin!
• Be enhanced by an expertly written information booklet providing the fascinating story behind Carson City Morgan Dollars.
• Feature George T. Morgan’s famed rendition of Lady Liberty on the front and intrepid American eagle on the back.
• Arrive in a luxurious Display Chest, measuring approximately 3" x 6½" x 4½", with silver-toned hardware and a special drawer for your information booklet.
• Be presented in gently circulated condition, protectively encapsulated to preserve their exceptional beauty, so you can enjoy all the major design details.

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