The Only San Francisco Mint "Four-Ray" Silver Dollar

The Only San Francisco Mint "Four-Ray" Silver Dollar

Featuring a unique one-year-only design variation...

At first look, these 90% Peace Silver Dollars appear to be the same. Both bear images of Lady Liberty and a bald eagle, plus the word “Peace,” a first and only in U.S. coinage. Yet closer examination reveals that where the standard design from 1922 on shows three rays of sunlight beneath the “ONE” and six under the eagle’s tail, the “Four-Ray” shows a unique combination of four and seven rays. This mysterious last-year-of-issue variety is extremely desirable.

You will receive two 90% Peace Silver Dollars:
  • Representing a minuscule fraction of the 1935 San Francisco mintage, which in itself made up just 1% of all Peace Silver Dollar production!
  • Legendary in U.S. coinage, a shining silver celebration of the end of World War I that is beloved by generations for its enduring beauty and meaning.
  • Minted for just a few months at the San Francisco Mint—the fabled “Granite Lady”—and nowhere else, during the last year of Peace Dollar production!
  • Presented in gently circulated condition so you can appreciate the design details, sonically sealed in crystal-clear cases that allow worry-free viewing.
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You will receive a luxurious wooden Display Chest that measures 7½" x 1½" x 5½". Also included is a fascinating Collector’s Booklet highlighting the San Francisco Mint, the Peace Silver Dollar and the “Four-Ray” variation.

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