About Us


PCS Stamps & Coins is here to help you build beautiful coin and stamp collections from the comfort of your home with great customer service, free returns, & convenient monthly payments.

Our History

PCS was founded as the Postal Commemorative Society in 1970, thanks to the success of the Moon Landing First Day Cover. Since then, PCS has offered a wide variety of First Day Covers and mint-condition stamps to customers. Over the years, it became apparent that our customers were also interested in coin collecting. Our name was changed to PCS Stamps & Coins to reflect the addition of a large array of coin products.

Our Guarantee

PCS is dedicated to providing our customers with the industry's best service. Call the toll-free number included with each shipment and a live, skilled Customer Care Associate, based right here in the United States, will be there to listen to your concerns and resolve any issues.
     All of our products are backed by an unconditional 30-day return policy. You always have 30 days to decide whether you are satisfied with your products. If not, you choose whether you’d like a replacement or a full refund, with no further obligation – and we’ll even pay the return postage!

Why Collect Coins and Stamps?

Collectors are particularly passionate about collecting American coins and stamps because they can literally hold our nation’s history in their hands. These silver, gold, copper and other metal relics played a key role in the living past of the United States.

     Collecting is a basic human instinct. Common reasons for collecting include pride of ownership (showing off one’s coin collections to friends and family), increasing one’s knowledge (learning about history through the stunning designs and artwork), personal pleasure, social interaction with other collectors, and the feeling of achievement upon completing a collection, knowing you are one of a small fraction of Americans who can make that claim.

Why PCS?

In addition to top-notch customer service, PCS offers you all the fun of collecting without the hard work and disappointment.

     From Silver Eagle coins to Indian Head Pennies, from Morgan Silver Dollars to Kennedy Half-Dollar coins, from America’s historic stamps to Gold Coins to Walking Liberty (“America’s Most Beautiful”) Silver Half-Dollars, PCS offers a wide variety of beautiful, often complete, collections of coins presented with stamps, Biography Cards, Collector Cards, and attractive storage displays. You’ll even be able to get hard-to-find paper money, from the ever-collectible $2 Bill to harder-to-find 19th-century and early 20th-century issues.

     No more trudging from hobby shop to hobby shop, hoping to find just the year or mint mark you might be missing. No more worries about coming across just the coins you’ve been hoping for and not being able to afford them all this month. No more piling up your valuable coins in shoeboxes or warped cardboard books.

     When you collect with PCS, collections are reserved for you starting with your first shipment. Each collection comes with a beautiful wooden, bonded-leather or sturdily crafted display for storing, showing off, and protecting your coins. You can gradually build your collection one coin or stamp at a time, knowing all the while that you are guaranteed to get the entire collection. From the comfort of your home, you can experience the anticipation of knowing you’ve got something new and exciting waiting in the mail each month – and with interest-free monthly payments, you don’t have to pay for it all at once!

Our sister companies include Danbury Mint and Easton Press.


Over half of our profits support mental health research


The Stanley Family Foundation is the majority shareholder of our company. This charitable organization funds research that would reduce the burden of serious mental illness. Top scientists in the field of genetics and neurobiology rely on the funding from The Stanley Family Foundation to finance their research. For further inquiry, contact us at SFF@mbi-inc.com.