America's First Gold Coin

A gold coin that circulated in the earliest years of the United States...

With a diameter exceeding the U.S. $20 gold piece, this massive 8-escudos Spanish gold coin contains more than three-quarters of an ounce of gold. Long before the U.S. began minting its own coins, it was officially authorized by the Continental Congress as legal tender in the newly formed United States of America – and was even accepted by the Confederacy during the Civil War. Hand-struck at a Spanish colonial mint in the Americas, it is dated 1824 or earlier.

This historic gold coin, almost two centuries old:
  • Features a portrait of the reigning Spanish monarch on the front, and the crowned shield of the Spanish royal family on the back.
  • May have passed among the hands of our ancestors, or been used in the commerce of our fledgling nation!
  • Is presented in gently circulated condition, protected against dust, fingerprints and wear in a crystal-clear holder, so you may appreciate every detail, front and back.
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You will receive a finely finished wooden Display Chest, measuring 1½" x 5" x 3¾", together with a personalized and informative Certificate of Authenticity.

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