The Famous Five-Dollar "Woodchopper" Note
The Famous Five Dollar Woodchopper Note FLT 1
The Famous Five Dollar Woodchopper Note FLT 2
The Famous Five Dollar Woodchopper Note FLT 1
The Famous Five Dollar Woodchopper Note FLT 2

The Famous Five-Dollar "Woodchopper" Note

Acquire a scarce banknote first issued more than a century ago!
The legendary series 1907 $5 “Woodchopper,” the last large-size U.S. $5 Legal Tender Note ever produced.
• Named for the stirring central vignette of a hardy settler, axe in hand, standing before his family; on the left is a commanding portrait of Andrew Jackson.
• Like other large-size bills of this era, the Woodchopper is called a “horse blanket.” The seal and serial number are printed in a vivid red, unlike the green used on modern notes.
• The distinctive back features a circular central design flanked by two ovals, one describing its Legal Tender status; U.S. notes of the time were commonly called Legal Tender Notes because of their payment obligation stating “This Note is a Legal Tender.”
• Due to its age and scarcity, this survivor of the past is presented in circulated condition, enclosed in a crystal-clear currency holder that protects it from dust, fingerprints and wear.
• Accompanied by a custom-crafted wooden Display Chest, complete with a sparkling glass lid and a specially written fact card, highlighting the note’s intriguing history and design details.
• Guarantee of Satisfaction: Free returns for replacement or full refund.

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