The Famous Two-Dollar "Battleship" Note

The Famous Two-Dollar "Battleship" Note

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Few U.S. currency notes can boast being the only one of its kind. Discontinued nearly 90 years ago, this is the only $2 Federal Reserve Bank Note ever issued, and the last large-size $2 bill of any kind! Among the most popular U.S. currency notes in history, it has striking and distinguished designs. One side depicts a detailed portrait of President Thomas Jefferson, and the other features an elaborate rendering of a World War I battleship.

This Series 1918 $2 Federal Reserve Note:
  • Features the brilliant blue seal and serial numbers that distinguish it from today’s Federal Reserve Notes, which have the seals and serial numbers printed in green.
  • Is from one of the first series to include letter codes in each serial number to denote which Federal Reserve Bank issued the bill — a practice still used today.
  • Is preserved in gently circulated condition, so you can appreciate the design details, protectively encapsulated to allow easy viewing of both front and back.
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You will receive a custom-crafted wooden Display Chest, measuring 11.3" x 7.1" x 1.9", with a glass top for easy viewing, plus an Information Card containing details about the note and its historical significance.

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