The Ancient Roman Antioch Coin Collection

The Ancient Roman Antioch Coin Collection

Dating back more than 1,700 years and minted by the imperial Antioch mint…

• A trio of genuine silver billon coins, struck in the A.D. 200’s in Antioch by legendary Roman emperors Elagabalus, Philip I and Trajan Decius.

• Expertly certified as circulated Choice Fine or better condition by NGC, one of the world’s premier coin-grading services; the design details are amazingly well preserved.

• Made by hand by skilled craftsmen; the handcrafted designs and primitive minting techniques make each coin a unique work of art that is slightly different from all others.

• The back of each coin depicts a dramatic eagle…a design that is thought to have inspired the eagles on U.S. coins from the 1700’s to the early 20th century!

• Collector Cards — written by experts — accompany each coin and provide fascinating details about the emperor and the coin’s history and design.

FREE: A Display Chest, included at no extra charge, sent with the second shipment.

BONUS: An ancient coin that once changed hands along the Silk Road, a fabulous trade route that included Antioch as a major hub.

• Guarantee of Satisfaction: Free returns and you may cancel at any time.

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$499 per coin
One coin per shipment, each payable in 3 monthly installments of $169 (includes shipping)
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Available exclusively from PCS Stamps & Coins, The Ancient Roman Antioch Coin Collection forms a collectible of beauty, meaning and importance. This collection allows you the convenience of building it item-by-item with a gradual payment and shipment plan: Coins will be shipped at the rate of one every three months (three total shipments in this collection). You may pay for each coin in three monthly installments.

These historic coins are sealed in special clear, archival-quality holders that allow both sides to be safely examined without fear of damage from dust, dirt and fingerprints. Please note: The exact appearance of the coins you receive may vary from the images shown.

The luxurious wooden Display Chest (measuring 11̎ x 6̎ x 3̎), custom-designed to house the collection while affording easy access to every coin, and bonus coin will be sent with the second shipment.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You may return any shipment within 30 days for replacement, or for a full refund with no further obligation. You may cancel at any time by calling the toll-free number included with each shipment, or by accessing My Account online. Either party may cancel this agreement at any time.

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