The U.S. Nickel Collection

The U.S. Nickel Collection

Every U.S. five-cent nickel series ever issued…
• Important highlights such as the only silver and commemorative nickels, and the first U.S. coin to depict a buffalo.
• Four nickels from the 1800’s (including the first series, the rarely seen Shield nickel), and every year’s nickel from 1900 to 2015.
• Full-color Collector Panels with fascinating details about each coin design, as well as historical facts about the periods in which they were minted.
• Presented in gently circulated condition, with all major design details visible, for nickels through 1959; nickels from 1960 to 2015 are in uncirculated condition.
FREE: A Collector’s Album, yours at no extra charge, sent with the second shipment.
• Guarantee of Satisfaction: Free returns and you may cancel at any time.
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$27 per shipment of 4 coins
Each shipment of 4 coins is $29
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Encompassing 150 years of coinage history, The U.S. Nickel Collection forms a collectible of beauty, meaning and importance. This collection allows you the convenience of building it item-by-item with a gradual payment and shipment plan: Coins will be shipped at the rate of one set of four coins every month (30 total shipments in this collection).

These historic coins are protectively encapsulated for safe handling and easy viewing of both sides. Please note: The coins shown here are for illustrative purposes only; the exact appearance and years of issue of the coins you receive may vary from the images shown.

The uncirculated-condition coins are inspected (but not professionally graded) to ensure they have no trace of wear. We strive to offer coins with good eye appeal based on feedback from our customers. Please note that the coins may show contact marks, they may have been cleaned, and their surface may lack some luster.

The deluxe bonded-leather album (measuring 10¼" x 9" x 2"), complete with a matching slipcase, will be sent with the second shipment, together with your Collector Panels and Deluxe Coin Panels featuring luminous gilded edges and gold-foil finishing touches.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You may return any shipment within 30 days for replacement, or for a full refund with no further obligation. You may cancel at any time by calling the toll-free number included with each shipment, or by accessing My Account online. Either party may cancel this agreement at any time. Price is subject to possible adjustment due to unusual market conditions.

Note: Not made by Native Americans.

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