John F. Kennedy Silver Proof Half-Dollars

John F. Kennedy Silver Proof Half-Dollars

Honoring one of America’s most inspiring Presidents…

• Every silver proof Kennedy half-dollar from each of the years they were minted in the coin’s first 60 years of issue.

• Features such landmarks as the first-year 1964 coin, rarely seen 40% silver issues, one-time-only 1976 Bicentennial coin and first-ever 99.9% silver coin.

• Also includes every year’s special coin struck in 90% silver for the annual silver proof set, from the first in 1992 to the last in 2018.

FREE: A Display Chest and Collector’s Guide, yours at no extra charge, sent with the third shipment.

• Guarantee of Satisfaction: Free returns and you may cancel at any time.

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Ships in 2-4 weeks.
Initial shipment of 1 coin is $47.95
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The rarest and most desirable of all Kennedy half-dollars, John F. Kennedy Silver Proof Half-Dollars forms a collectible of beauty, meaning and importance. This collection allows you the convenience of building it item-by-item with a gradual payment and shipment plan: The first shipment will contain one coin; all other shipments will include two coins and will be sent every other month, but you may pay for only one coin per month (19 total shipments in this collection).

The crystal-clear holder allows for safe examination of the historic designs and spectacular proof finish of each coin without fear of harm from dust, dirt and fingerprints. Please note: The exact appearance of the coins you receive may vary from the images shown.

The luxurious glass-topped wooden Display Chest (measuring 12¾" x 11" x 4¼"), featuring silver-toned hardware and a lock and key for additional security, will be sent with the third shipment. Also included free of charge is a Collector’s Guide with captivating narrative about John F. Kennedy and details about the history, design and minting of silver proof Kennedy half-dollars.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. You may return any shipment within 30 days for replacement, or for a full refund with no further obligation. You may cancel at any time by calling the toll-free number included with each shipment, or by accessing My Account online. Either party may cancel this agreement at any time. Price is subject to possible adjustment due to unusual market conditions.

Collection includes every year minted through 2023. No silver proof coins were dated 1965-1967, 1971-1975 or 1977-1991.

Product features referenced in this announcement are based on information available as of January 2021.

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